Results of the Market Study for Jewell County, January 1, 2019

Pursuant to K.S.A. 1995 Supp. 79-1460a

Residential Property

A study of the residential real estate market indicated that the market is stable with no general upward or downward trend.

Commercial Property

A study of the commercial real estate market indicated that the market is stable with no general upward or downward trend.

Vacant Property

A study of the real estate market for vacant lots indicated that the market is stable with no general upward or downward trend.

NOTE: Values of certain properties may not follow the above trend because of corrections of property characteristics, changes in the property or market conditions

Published by the Jewell County Appraiser


There is STILL a burn ban in effect for Jewell County, Kansas. Open burning of any kind is prohibited. For those that want to do controlled burn of any kind, they need to notify the Fire Chief in their district, and obtain approval before burning. They need to also notify the Jewell County Sheriff's Office so the dispatcher knows about the burning. Burning of any kind without permission is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2500 and jail sentence of up to one year. This is true whether the fire gets out of control or not.


Effective Monday, February 13, 2017 the Jewell County Clerk’s Office will no longer sell permits and licenses for Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

This includes all hunting, fishing, big game, vehicle and camping permits and licenses.

You can continue to purchase vehicle park permits when renewing vehicle tags with the County Treasurer!

                                                                  INVITATION FOR BIDS

            Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received at the office of the Jewell County Clerk, Jewell County Courthouse, 307 N. Commercial, Mankato, KS 66956, for the removal of the existing sidewalk and the construction of a new sidewalk on the south side of the courthouse square at 307 N Commercial Street, Mankato, Kansas, between Commercial Street and High Street, not including the existing driveway.   Installation of the new sidewalk will begin at the north/south sidewalk, which runs parallel to Commercial Street on the East side of the Jewell County Courthouse.  The new sidewalk will extend westward to High Street, and will curve around the existing Eastern Red Cedar tree to connect with the existing sidewalk which runs north, parallel to High Street, and will also connect to Madison Street at the southwest corner of the courthouse square.

            The minimum depth of the concrete shall be 4 inches.  Bids shall specify the concrete mix to be used and a proposed start and completion date.  Each bidder must examine for himself or herself the location and extent of the proposed work.  Additional information concerning the project may be obtained by contacting the Chris Petet, at telephone number 785-545-5842.

            The bids should be for a stated total amount.  The lowest and best bidder will be given preference in the awarding of the work.  A successful bidder will be required to furnish proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance and public liability insurance.

To be considered, bids must be received in the office of the Jewell County Clerk by 4:00 p.m. on August 9, 2019.  The bids will be opened on Monday, August 12, 2019, after 9:00 a.m., in the County Commission Chambers at the Jewell County Courthouse.  All bids must be signed and shall include the name, address and phone number of the bidder.  Bidders need not be present to be given consideration.

            The Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to reject all bids.