County Commissioner's meeting

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Jewell County Commissioners

Mark Fleming, District 3 (Term expires 1/11/2021)
Represents Townships of Burr Oak, Esbon, Grant, Harrison, Highland, Holmwood, Jackson, Montana, Richland, Sinclair, Walnut, Whitemound and the Cities within those townships

Keith Roe, District 2  (Term expires 1/11/2021)
Represents Townships of Center, and Limestone and the Cities within those townships

Steve Greene, District 1 (Term Expires 1/14/2019)

Represents Townships of Allen, Athens, Brownscreek, Buffalo, Calvin, Erving, Ionia, Odessa, Prairie, Vicksburg, Washington and the Cities within those townships

County Commissioners meet each Monday beginning at 8:30 a.m.

to schedule appointment call the County Clerk's Office 785-378-4020


On Thursday, September 20, 2018 there will be a TEST of the Wireless Emergency Alert and the Emergency Alert System at 1:18 p.m.The TEST will say "Presidential Classification", every wireless device will receive the message.

Archived Commission Minutes

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307 N Commercial Street, Mankato, KS 66956

 2018 Board of Jewell County Commissioners

Keith Roe, Chairman   Steve Greene, Vice Chairman    Mark Fleming, Member 

A fund to help cover expenses of the Deputies and Dispatchers Following the shooting at the Jewell County Sheriff’s Office is being established at the State Exchange Bank, Mankato Ks.
To contribute, please send funds to:
Jewell County Sheriff’s Office Relief Fund
C/O The State Exchange Bank
PO Box 284
Mankato KS 66956